Reigning Miss England, Rehema Muthamia, who is of Kenyan heritage, is proud to support the rich history and culture of Black people across the world.

I take this month to analyse my identity as a black British African woman, and how I navigate myself through society. As well as educating myself on the immense strength and great sacrifices that black people have made through the trials and tribulations of the past, and an understanding of our present, in the hopes of bettering our future.

Rehema MuthamiaMiss England 2021

Rehema won the crown after the unanimous decision of the judges for the first time in Miss England’s history. She entered the contest after winning the title Miss Africa All Colours, a new category launched in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Having spent four years at a boarding school in Kenya, where she was sent by her mother to learn about her heritage, Rehema speaks fluent Swahili as well as three other languages.

With a Masters degree in genetics, she now works full time in health technology.

Following her victory, Rehema had to endure some racial abuse but she has stood defiant against the trolls.

And her journey to the top hasn’t always been easy. Rehema entered the competition to help with the trauma of being stalked and harassed by her ex-partner who was eventually arrested.

Rehema now wants to use her title as a platform to inspire and help other women. She supports Women’s Aid charity that aims to end domestic violence against women and children.

Rehema will represent England at the 70th Miss World Contest that will take place in Puerto Rico on 16th December 2021, with 140 countries competing for the title.

Welcome to Rehema Muthamia

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