The home of the globe’s 70th Miss World is in Puerto Rico, so it is natural for her to learn how to dance salsa, the region’s local dance.  Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island that boasts amazing waterfalls, mountains, lush tropical rainforests and of course salsa dancing!

A Puerto Rican style of dance

The Salsa Tropical dance studio is situated in the heart of London and will be working with Miss England to teach her the all-important salsa dance steps.  Puerto Ricans who mixed the Cuban beat with an exotic Caribbean sound created salsa back in the mid-70s. It blends many Puerto Rican styles of dance, including plena, bomba, cha-cha and mambo.

Rehema Muthamia holds the current Miss England crown and because her birthplace is Puerto Rico, it was decided to train her to dance salsa for the all-important talent section of Miss England 2022. The director of Salsa Tropical, Maria Palmieri, has agreed to train Rehema privately, ensuring that her salsa performance in the competition is outstanding. A lot of pressure rests on the shoulders of both Maria and Rehema, as the standard of competitiveness in the Miss World arena is tough.

20 years of dance experience

Maria’s skills in the area of salsa dance are outstanding, so it is no wonder that she was chosen to tutor Rehema. With more than 20 years of experience, her dance company, Salsa Tropical, offers various levels of tuition in Latin dance, including salsa.

At Salsa Tropical, our focus is on bringing people together to not only learn Latin dance but to enjoy the experience. Because the environment within the studio is so friendly and vibrant, this is a great place to make new friends while enjoying the fun of learning to dance,” said Maria.

Passionate about what she does, Maria and her team are used to working with would-be Latin dancers from all over London, providing weekly classes to fit in with other commitments such as work and family.  This is the place to be for those that want to learn how to move their feet to the beat of salsa and bachata.

Salsa and bachata classes in London

Whilst the current Miss England will be having private lessons, Salsa Tropical welcomes dancers of all levels to join their classes, whether beginners, improvers, intermediate or advanced level. As with all forms of dance, practice makes perfect.  The more students get used to moving to the beat of salsa, the more fluid and natural their dancing becomes. At Salsa Tropical, learning to dance salsa is fun and rewarding with quality lessons provided by highly experienced, international teachers.

Welcome to Rehema Muthamia

Rehema is represented by Miss England Limited.

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